New Year Eve’s Night Talkic

The night before the day of the New Year is a great time to reflect upon the year and prayerfully entrust the year ahead to the Lord— and how much more powerful and rich to do so as a family. Involve members in the conversation to draw out ways they have seen God’s faithfulness throughout the past year and strengthen your trust for the new one.

Use this clock “talkic” to mark the 12 hours on the clock as if they were the 12 months in a year

Have a counter clockwise conversation about the year past. Starting at 12— for December— and working your way back in time to January of the year now ending. 

Everyone will not have something to say about each and every month but as you arrive at a month, someone at the table may have a significant marker event: conception, miscarriage, proposal, marriage, anniversary, grief, divorce, graduation, adventure, milestone, move, retirement, accident, injury, etc. Make as much space as possible for individuals to share and reflect on both the good and the hard. 

Now, have a clockwise conversation looking ahead to the year just beginning. What is anticipated? What do you have planned? What are you anticipating? Or dreading? What is clear and what is unknown? Can you submit all that to the Lord tonight? 

This next year, whatever the date on the calendar, is a year of the Lord. What does that mean to you? How might you give the Lord the year ahead tonight? 

Consider reading Psalm 90 and 91, and pray together and ask for His help in submitting all of your days to His good hand. 

Downloadable New Year’s Eve Night Talkic