Equipping you to Re-present Christ in the conversations of the day

New Free Resource: Speak the Truth Bible Study

New Free Resource: Speak the Truth Bible Study

Preparing to Re-present Christ in any conversation

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Weekday mornings 7‑9 AM · Equipping you to re‑present Christ in the conversations of the day

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Mornings with Carmen: Next Generation Discipleship Playlist

A playlist of Mornings with Carmen episodes for parents, grandparents, teachers, youth volunteers— really anyone who cares about the next generation. We know our kids and…

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A Thanks Giving Prayer

God on high, hear our prayers. Today we take to heart Your word which compels us to rejoice always, to pray without ceasing, and to give…

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Mornings with Carmen Playlist: Israel

Compilation of Mornings with Carmen episodes on Israel— helping us to think rightly about what is happening in the Middle East, pray for those affected by…

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Chapel Talk at Northwestern College

To become and ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to know the King and the things that matter to Him.

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