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Weekday mornings 7‑9 AM · Equipping you to re‑present Christ in the conversations of the day

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New Year. New you? 

Once again we find ourselves in a brand new year. We start with high hopes, great expectations and often a number of resolutions that prove unrealistic.…

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Begin again, again

Children call it a “do over.” Golfers call it a “mulligan.” Television and film directors call it a “retake.” By whatever name, it is the realization…

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When Christmas isn’t Hallmark Happy

The Hallmark Channel has become as synonymous with Christmas as Bing Crosby or 34th Street were for prior generations. Hallmark movies have become so popular they…

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Chapel Talk at Northwestern College

To become and ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to know the King and the things that matter to Him.

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