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Mornings with Carmen LaBerge

Weekday mornings 7‑9 AM · Equipping you to re‑present Christ in the conversations of the day

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Spotlight Interview: Dan Dewitt and the Chronicles of Cancer

Dan Dewitt is a good friend of the show, a writer and the director of the Center for Worldview and Culture at Southwest Baptist University. He…

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Carmen’s Commencement Address

Dear graduates, faculty, family, and friends,  As we gather today to celebrate your remarkable journey to this point along life’s path, you feel as if you…

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On the TIME 100 List: Who is influencing you?

A look at TIME’s list of the most influential people of 2024 and how we understand influence TIME recently published its list of most influential people…

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Chapel Talk at Northwestern College

To become and ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to know the King and the things that matter to Him.

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