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Spotlight Interview: Ted Bryant shares The Jesus Method for Tough Conversations

Are you ever intimidated or you just want to clam up and run away from sticky conversations? Or maybe even not tell the whole truth in…

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God can use ordinary Christians in daily conversations in glorious ways

God desires to use us—people who have a restored relationship with Him—to bring His perspective into the conversations of the day. We are regular run-of-the-mill, ordinary…

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Summer Calling: Serving as Spiritual (or Actual) Lifeguards

“Pool closed.” That’s the sign greeting many urban families across the United States this summer. Why? There’s a nationwide shortage of lifeguards. The lifeguard shortage has…

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Heeding the signs of the times

When the smoke detector goes off, what do you do?  How about the fire alarm in a commercial building?  What about a tornado siren blaring on…

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Spotlight Interview with Don Everts: The Reluctant Witness

It’s time to get honest about the state of our witness as Christians.  When was the last time you had a spiritual conversation with someone? How…

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