Conversation Tool: The Earth Speaks

Start the Conversation:

The Connecting Point:

From the melting polar ice caps to changing weather patterns, many scientists are asking, what is the earth saying to us?

The Disconnect:

For many people, the natural world is all that exists. This worldview is called naturalism and it tends to express its faith in scientism: the belief that science answers all questions.

The Reconnect:

In fact, the earth has spoken and does speak. Creation is God’s general revelation of Himself to us. The Bible is full of examples where the earth speaks. We are actually instructed to learn about God from His creation. (Romans 1:20; Job 12:7-10) and praise Him along with it (Psalm 19:1).

Keep the Conversation Going:


What, in nature, makes you wonder in awe?


We can learn a lot from the created order, including the earth.  The earth reminds us that we are not the center of the universe and that there is an infinite eternity before and beyond our span of life.  The earth reminds us that our life is but a breath and yet, in all the universe, there is no one more precious to God than we are.


Things like the changing climate actually acknowledge brokenness— that something is not right and needs restoration. The changing of the leaves in the fall, the rebirth of springtime, the reality of streams in the desert and the ever-shifting sands provide endless fodder for reconnecting the eternal with the everyday.