Since you asked, News sources I rely on

Several listeners have recently asked what news sources I rely on in preparing for each morning’s broadcast.

Here’s a summary of my responses:

  1. (secular; seeking to deliver the information without opining). I appreciate their Axios Bill of Rights and I subscribe to AxiosAM newsletter but they have several to choose from here.
  2. (CHRISTIAN journalism; this is World magazine’s site. I recommend subscribing to their Sift daily email.
  3. I subscribe to Pew’s “Daily Religion Headlines” under the heading Religion and Public Life here. Note that religion headlines are not all related to Christians and not all stories related to Christians are going to be written from a Christian worldview – and certainly not an American evangelical worldview. But reading widely across religion headlines is imperative for engagement in our pluralistic culture.
  4. is another “go-to” for me.
  5. One podcast I try to listen to every day: The Briefing with Dr. Albert Mohler.
  6. Two other DAILY emails I read:
  7. Two WEEKLY aggregates I appreciate:
    1. Trevin’s Seven, each Friday at
    2. The Weekend Worldview Reader by Dan DeWitt each Friday at

What about you? What news, newsletters, aggregated lists are you relying on daily or weekly?