Since you asked, News sources I rely on

Several listeners have recently asked what news sources I rely on in preparing for each morning’s broadcast. This post was originally published on 2/3/2021 and updated 2/14/2024.

Here’s a summary of my responses:

  1. (secular; seeking to deliver the information without opining). I appreciate their Axios Bill of Rights and I subscribe to AxiosAM newsletter but they have several to choose from here.
  2. (CHRISTIAN journalism; this is World magazine’s site. I recommend subscribing to their Sift daily email.
  3. is another “go-to” for me.
  4. One podcast I try to listen to every day: The Briefing with Dr. Albert Mohler.
  5. Other DAILY emails I read:
  6. Two WEEKLY aggregates I appreciate:

What about you? What news, newsletters, aggregated lists are you relying on daily or weekly?