The Disciple Dilemma: Whole-Life Discipleship Part 1

An “Aussie” from London, tells two Americans about discipleship! For a lot of Western Christians, discipleship equals church. Is that Jesus’s discipleship? Not exactly.

Dr. Dave Benson, of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity wants to talk about what’s missing in modern discipling, and offer real-world examples of what IS a disciple’s life and community. Dave Benson is a pastor, professor and church planting discipler. He joins Dennis along with faith radio’s Carmen LaBerge to wrangle through the misconceptions and the orthodoxy of discipleship.

  • INTRO: Dennis “prequels” the episode
  • Chapter 1: What is the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity?
  • Chapter 2: What do you mean – “Whole Life Disciples” (What are you trying to sell us?)
  • Chapter 3: The day-to-day practicum of a disciple
  • Chapter 4: Bet Sefer – Bet Midrash – Bet Talmud….What??
  • Chapter 5: A real life discipling community’s day, and week, and lives
  • Chapter 6: Does this way of discipling endure? Make disciples? Thrive?
  • Chapter 7: OK: Surely non-believers would feel weird in one of these, yes?