Let’s Talk Turkey: Simple Helps to Get the Conversation Going

What’s the conversation like around your Thanksgiving table? What do you want the conversation to be?

Here are two downloadable tools, Turkey Talkic and Pie Talkic (talk + topics), to get the conversation going around the table at your house.

Turkey Talkic Download

Turkey Talkic

Download the Turkey Talkic and print enough for each person at the table to have their own PLUS one for you to use to create a “set” of feathers to pass around. This Talkic is particularly suited for families and children.

First, invite everyone to color and fill in their own Turkey Talkic with the things for which they are grateful, thankful to God, or count as blessings. There are no right or wrong answers! 

If anyone needs a prompt, you can use the first letter of the word Thankful, Grateful, Blessed; consider the gifts of God from whom all blessings flow; consider the promises of God or the benefits of being His child, knowing Him, living in His love. 

Then, take the EXTRA copy you made and cut the feathers so that each person can take one.

On that feather, have them write the name of one person for whom they are grateful. Living or dead, in the room or not, whoever the Lord brings to mind. Then go around the table and lift that person up in prayer and thanksgiving to God. 

Invite people to tell a story of remembrance, something special they remember about that person. This provides a way back into the conversation for those who are not present and a way for those present the gift of one another. 

Pie Talkic

Pie Talkic Download

Download the Pie Talkic – print enough for each person at the table to have their own PLUS one for you to use create a “set” of pie pieces to pass around. 

This might be an exercise for which the children are excused or given an alternative activity like coloring their turkey page. 


  • What are things that divide us today? Not necessarily us, here at this table, but what are the things that create division and cut us up into pieces? 
  • Write down words in your pie that are points of division in the world today. 
  • How can we talk about the pieces in the spirit of the undivided, unifying mind of Christ? People don’t need another piece of our mind but we all need the peace of the mind of Christ. How can we savor that today? 
  • What dividing walls of hostility between us has Jesus destroyed but we have rebuilt? 
  • How can I be an agent of grace in your life and how can I help you know the peace of Christ that passes all understanding? 
  • How can we be a family and friend group that is ruled by the Prince of Peace and how can we sow peace in the world today? 

Do not force anyone to participate. Do you not require anyone to remain at the table. Table Talkics should be invitational, not compulsory. Sometimes people need to overhear from the next room. Trust God.

You are “hosting” a conversation and inviting people to allow Christ to be made known in the breaking of the bread at your table. Set him a place. Leave room for the Holy Spirit. Become comfortable with pauses and periods of silence. Don’t rush it. The first time you do something like this might be awkward, but next month or the next time your family or friends gather together you’ll have another Table Talkic and they will grow to expect it. Trust me, they will also grow to LOVE it. People WANT to talk about substantive meaningful things. We just have to set the table and invite them in! 

Let us know how it went!

Let me know how it goes and what Table Talkics you’d like to have for the holidays and family gatherings you’ve got planned for 2024. 

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