Resources you can use to re-present Christ in the conversations of day


Spotlight Interview: Jeff Christopherson gives the Western Church a check-up

Right before ascending to heaven, Jesus gave instructions about how they are to live: Go and make disciples of every nation. Two thousand years later, this is…

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Conversational Apologetics

People often think of a Christian apologist as the person who debates the atheist in a pre-planned stage event. The truth is, every Christian who is…

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Conversation Tool: Beauty, not just a matter of taste

Start the Conversation: Connecting Point: The Miss America Pageant has announced that it will no longer judge the contestants by outward appearance but by what’s on…

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Conversation Tool: Immigration

Start the Conversation: The Connecting Point: Our nation’s immigration system is broken, leaving millions of people with an uncertain future about their legal status in the…

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Conversation Tool: The Earth Speaks

Start the Conversation: The Connecting Point: From the melting polar ice caps to changing weather patterns, many scientists are asking, what is the earth saying to…

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